Nicholas Opiyo attends UNSR’s workshop on FOAA litigation

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  • Day 1 of the workshop - Monica Tabengwa, Human Rights Watch
  • Group photos on day 2
  • Wade McMullen, RFK Center (USA)
  • Group photo on day 2
  • Small group session on day 2 with Nicholas Opiyo, Uganda
  • Nicholas Opiyo looks on during one of the workshop sessions
  • Small group session on day 2, with Monica Tabengwa from Human Rights Watch

The workshop, which was held Oct. 16-17 in Naivasha, Kenya, gathered nearly 20 lawyers from 11 countries to discuss best practices for litigating cases dealing with the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association.

It was the first event in the Special Rapporteur’s new project focused on enhancing assembly and association rights through the use of strategic litigation.

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