Memoranda, Submissions and Policy Working Papers

In addition to litigation, the organization employs lobbying techniques to ensure that from a proactive stance, the promotion of civil liberties and human rights are considered in the development of policies and laws in the country. Chapter Four’s lobbying strategies center on proactive approaches.

The organization is positioned to shape the debate on human rights and civil liberties law and policy. Chapter Four invests its energies in strategic engagements with the executive, the parliament, partners and other relevant stakeholders in the development of law and policy in the country.

1. Memoranda

Chapter Four publishes documents that portray the general picture of the protection of civil liberties in its thematic areas.

These documents take the form of a brief appraisal of the realities on the ground, and give the human rights and policy implications of these matters.

Such succinct documents serve to strictly spell out the implications of policy and laws on the protection of civil liberties. Memoranda are usually preliminary work produced as part of a more detailed study for larger research projects and working papers conducted by the organisation.

2. Submissions

The submission-type of documentation takes the form of provision of proposals for change and better policy based on legal and policy assessment done at the level of the memorandum.

These documents are tailored to provide alternative civil rights complaint suggestions to policies and laws especially at the stage of their initial development.

However, even where policies and laws are in the advanced stages of formulation, Chapter Four works to provide such proposals as can be applied appropriately at the particular stage of creation.

3. Policy Working Papers

Policy Working Papers are the more detailed and complete works that Chapter Four uses to challenge and influence policy.

These working papers contain: detailed analyses of the realities on the ground and the associated policy implications, submissions on the alternative policies and laws for consideration, as well as context regarding both the prevailing civil rights issues as well as possible problematic areas for the future.

Chapter Four publishes quarterly detailed working papers for the benefit of parliamentarians, particularly to provide them with sufficient information as they translate policy into laws and legislation. These papers are also available for public engagement on policy and the related civil liberties implications. Legal Statements and Letters We endeavor to produce statements of the law on various issues that touch matters of civil liberties in the country.

These take the form of short succinct statements on the law, focusing on constitutional interpretation and juxtaposition of the contemporary matters against the human rights standards highlighted in Chapter Four of the Constitution. These statements are immediate responses to new laws and policies and may not have necessarily undergone as much in-depth research. However, they provide a general picture of the legal and civil rights implications of new laws and policy.

The organization produces letters directed at particular influential policy and legislative persons, stressing the legal and civil liberties implications of new laws and policy on the enjoyment and protection of civil rights. The letters are succinct and emphasize an analysis of the civil liberties related issues with suggested areas for reform and re-consideration.