Case Referral Database

Chapter Four Uganda is in a unique position to coordinate and consolidate litigative expertise and efforts geared towards the protection of civil liberties in Uganda.

To achieve this, we are developing a case referral database for civic space (civil society organizations and pro-democracy actors) in addition to our active participation in responding to cases under other programs.

This database is aimed at fostering the effectiveness and responsiveness of civil rights litigators as regards the protection of the rights of pro-democracy and other activists whose rights are violated during their peaceful and legitimate activities, especilly in emergency situations.

Briefly, some of the information captured on the database includes contact details of civil rights organizations, brief descriptions of the work they do, and other pertinent information to help swiftly connect clients, activists, and other stakeholders.

As the profile of Chapter Four continues to grow, the multitude of cases for civil liberties litigation is increasing and this initiative will help streamline litigative response to civil liberties violations.