Legal Awareness and Human Rights Education

Chapter Four Uganda maintains awareness and education initiatives directed towards the public for them to ably join in the conversation for policy and legal change.

Importantly, raising awareness on civil liberties issues decreases the incidence of civil rights abuses.

1. Legal Awareness

Specifically, the organisation runs a Know Your Rights Campaign. This Campaign includes the publication of very light and basic brochures and handouts on topical civil liberties areas for the general public, publication of comic books addressing Chapter Four thematic civil liberties areas, and the filming of short commercials and documentary-style series on rights violations and access to justice.

2. Human Rights Education

Chapter Four engages in providing more detailed human rights education to persons and entities involved in civil rights work. These programs equip civil liberties activists with the required information and expertise to become more effective in their roles.

The human rights education rotates around the organisation’s thematic areas. Chapter Four provides such education in bi-monthly meetings and other similar events we host for civil society, human rights defenders, media practitioners, pro-democracy activists, and legal practitioners, and in annual conferences convened by Chapter Four on civil liberties and human rights litigation.