Early Warning for Violations of Civil Liberties

We believe that early warning mechanisms and systems are important to enable relevant stakeholders to plan, develop and implement effective preventive strategies to reverse the adverse effects of impending civil rights violations.

In this regard, Chapter Four is committed to providing a comprehensive picture of the drivers for potential human rights violations and a comprehensive assessment of the impact of such violations.

We provide detailed researched information with clarity on the problematic areas for consideration. The organisation’s early warning mechanism hinges on the meticulous collection and screening of data from all sources (internal and external), analysis by internal (Chapter Four based) and external experts with considerable thematic expertise in civil rights, and the detailed assessment of a range of indicators, including political dynamics that could lead to serious violations of civil liberties.

Chapter Four transmits this information through emergency and other periodic meetings. It publishes early warning reports in both soft and hard versions. Such reports are produced frequently, depending on the duration, gravity and seriousness of the impending violations.