Specialized Trainings

Chapter Four Uganda focuses on providing specialized trainings for public interest litigators to build capacity.

To avoid the danger of being lopsided and focusing only on the ‘how’, we ensure that trainings contain considerable and sufficient information on its thematic areas (the ‘what’), pointing out the aspects of prevailing challenge, and specifying positive strategies and opportunity for growth. Such engagement will be particularly necessary when a thematic area is rather novel and has not been litigated.

Chapter Four Uganda will take advantage of its growing links with sub-regional, regional and international networks to attract renown specialists to conduct these highly specialized trainings.

It is envisaged that this will raise the quality and profile of the trainings and foster the quality of public interest litigators in their subsequent engagements.

We will continue to ensure that policy analysis is an integral part of these specialized trainings to make the beneficiaries more sensitive to the policy ramifications of their involvement in public interest and civil liberties litigation.

Unlike, other regular forms of litigation, public interest litigation, particularly where civil liberties are concerned; cannot be divorced from wider national policy considerations. Time will be spent in ensuring that beneficiary public interest litigators are very conversant with policy study and analysis, in order for them to effectively use their litigation to foster policy and legal transformation, for the protection and promotion of civil liberties in Uganda.