Our Approach

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Chapter Four Uganda employs a range of legal mechanisms to achieve its objectives. These mechanisms range from offering legal advice and legal representation on a pro-bono basis, as well as conducting research and advocacy, to litigation in domestic, regional and international courts.

Decisions as to which legal tool is most appropriate are made on a case-by-case basis and ultimately depend upon the circumstances of the case and the remedies being sought or obtainable.

Our main pillars are:  Network of Public Interest Practitioners

Chapter Four Uganda in concert with other national public interest law service providers and civil liberties advocates, cultivates a network of public interest practitioners. We draw upon this network to provide public interest and strategic litigation services on a pro-bono basis.

Innovative Public Interest Litigation

A successful public interest case can establish important legal precedents or effect changes in laws, policies and practices at both a national, regional and international level. A public interest case can be either civil litigation or a criminal prosecution case. These cases could lead to injunctions that prevent human right violations, the provision of compensation to those whose rights have been violated and accountability for perpetrators. Even if a case is unsuccessful, it can act to spur public discourse on the matter, deter those involved in human rights violations and positively influence public opinion.

Legal Aid and Empowerment

A lack of knowledge about laws, procedures and human rights in general increases people’s vulnerability and impedes access to justice. This breeds impunity on the part of perpetrators. We work with existing networks to increase rights awareness and knowledge of the availability of legal avenues for redress. We place emphasis on vulnerable and most marginalized groups.

Research and advocacy

High quality research is necessary for both litigation and advocacy and for the purposes of relevant and current policy change. Through cutting-edge research and innovative advocacy, Chapter Four Uganda fights injustice, protects human rights, and defends civil liberties. All our programs are underlined by rigorous and data based information.

By focusing attention where human rights are violated, our research and advocacy programs give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Our targeted advocacy builds intense pressure for action and raises the cost of human rights abuse.