NGO guide to labour law in Uganda

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Chapter Four Uganda has published the NGO guide to labour law in Uganda (Download).

The booklet simplifies labour issues for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Uganda. It provides information on employment rights, duties, and equality at the work place for staff, casual labourers, volunteers, interns and apprentice. It also highlights on sexual harassment, child labour and other related actions that violate rights of individuals at the work place. 

The guide reviews relevant provisions under the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda, the Employment Act and the regulations, the Non-Governmental Organisations Act 2016, the NSSF Act, and other related laws. 

The key objective of the publication is to give CSOs and persons working in the NGO sector information on how to deal with labour and labour related issues in their work. It is aimed at simplifying the law relating to employment and labour relations for NGOs to enable them apply the different principles as set in Ugandan laws.

We hope that the readers will be able to understand their rights and responsibilities at the work place and provide basic knowledge to understand when rights have been violated to be able to seek redress.