NGO Leaders meet the NGO Board for a consultative breakfast meeting on the Bill

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When it happened

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


A consultative breakfast meeting on the Bill was held at Protea Hotel, Kampala. In attendance were NGO leaders, the Chairperson of the NGO Board, Amb. Gabriel William Kangwagye and the Ag. Secretary of the Board, Stephen Okello. The chairperson of the Board observed that the team that drafted the Bill benchmarked in Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan and Ghana.

On the timing of the Bill, the chairperson noted that the NGO Board has been under pressure from the donor community to harmonize the NGO Policy and the NGO Law. He said that this bill is meant to answer that.

After the meeting, NGO leaders reconvened to agree on an engagement strategy. Notably, NGO leaders resolved to constitute an Expert Group to review the Bill and produce a working document that states the position of CSOs on the Bill, convene an NGO Leaders’ Retreat to discuss the working document released by the expert team to agree on a Civil Society Position Paper on the NGO Bill 2015, convene a joint retreat with NGO leaders and Members of Parliament to help MPs appreciate the CSO Position Paper on the Bill, and hold a meeting with the donor community to update them on the engagement processes and present to them the CSO Position Paper on the Bill.

Chapter Four Uganda was selected as a member organization to this Expert Group.