Human Rights Compliance Checklist

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Checklist for Compliance with Human Rights in Policy, Bills Budgets, Government Programmes and all Business Handled by Parliament

1.0 Introduction and Background 

Objective V of the National Objectives and Directive Principles of State Policy requires the State to guarantee, respect, and adequately facilitate institutions which protect and promote human rights.

Chapter Four of the Constitution guarantees the Protection and Promotion of Fundamental and Other Human Rights and Freedoms (articles 20 – 50).

Chapter Four is sometimes referred to as the Bill of Rights since it embodies the whole body of rights and freedoms.

Chapter Four also reiterates Uganda’s commitment to protect human and peoples’ rights arising out of international human rights instruments. In order to enhance the protection and promotion of human rights in Uganda, Parliament under rule 146(1) (m) of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament established a Standing Committee on Human Rights to:

  1. Track and report on human rights concerns in every business handled by Parliament;
  2. Monitor government compliance with national and international human rights instruments to which Uganda is a party and follow up on Government periodic reports to international human rights monitoring bodies;
  3. Examine the recommendations in the Uganda Human Rights Commission Reports and ensure that Government is held accountable in this regard;
  4. Inquire into any matter relating to human rights in Uganda; and
  5. Carry on such other functions relating to human rights as may be assigned to the Committee by Parliament. (R.174) The Committee on Human rights therefore is mandated to play a special role as part of their overall scrutiny in protecting human rights and ensuring that every person or organ of government respects upholds and promotes human rights. 

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