Human Rights Award, 2019 statement

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The organizers of the Third Annual Human Rights Convention announce Mr. Sekajugo Collin as the third recipient of its prestigious annual human rights award.  Mr. Sekajugo will receive the award at the 2019 convention. A talented Ugandan visual artist, Mr. Sekajugo is recognized for his outstanding and brave creative works that have captured, in vivid color and compelling imaginary, contemporary human rights concerns.

“His painting of the clenched fists; “The Fist of Stella”, symbolizing resilience and resistance of jailed Dr. Stella Nyanzi against mistreatment at Makerere University has become a symbol of the struggle against oppression and human rights violation’ says Nicholas Opiyo, the Executive Director of Chapter Four Uganda.

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Chapter Four Uganda, and its partners believe that the arts are a powerful and peaceful tool of social mobilizing and transformation in an increasingly restrictive civic environment and finds Mr. Sekajugo a worthy recipient of the award. He emerges winner alongside other equally talented individuals. The award will highlight his works and inspire many artists to use their skills to change their societies and more importantly promote human dignity and equality especially for the most vulnerable and marginalized.  

Established in 2017 by Chapter Four Uganda, the Human Rights Award is given to individuals that have an outstanding track record in the advancement of human rights in Uganda. The introduction of the Award is part of Chapter Four’s effort to promote human rights and to honor the contributions made by these extraordinary individuals. Mr. Sekajugo joins distinguished past winners Prof. Sylvia Tamale (2018) and Mr. Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi (2017) both whom were awarded for their continued promotion and championing of human rights in Uganda.

The award will be conferred at the 2019 Human Rights Convention slated for May 9, 2019.  The Hon. Mr. Justice Kenneth Kakuru will be deliver the keynote address on Rule of Law.